Originally born and raised in Singapore, Sanny Veloo was well on his way to establishing himself with his band Boredphucks before they were banned by the government from ever playing their powerful and polarizing songs live again! But to understand Sanny is to realise, there is no life to be lived without rocking your truth at maximum volume – so he instantly packed up his things and made a massive move across continents to Melbourne, Australia, which he’s called home ever since.

Instantly thriving at the heart of the independent scene down under, Sanny would go on to play hundreds of shows in the underground circuit with bands The SUNS, Final Eclipse, and EMPRA, rocking huge crowds with Ska, Metal, and Rock, respectively. Breaking out from Australia to cover the globe, he’s toured independently throughout the USA and South East Asia, and every local hotspot that had enough juice to supply his amplifiers with in between. Notably, the success of EMPRA led his band to support incredible acts like Fall Out Boy, Presidents Of The USA, British India, and Calling All Cars – and landed Sanny the opportunity to collaborate with Grammy award winner Gotye.

Sanny had Slash’s real signature tattooed on his arm, immediately after meeting the Guns N’Roses guitar legend in Hollywood. He has a prosthetic metal joint where his right elbow used to be after one particularly wild show & a lost battle with a stack of amplifiers… he’s won an international band competition, was a finalist in the Vanda & Young international songwriting prize, he’s sung with Weezer on the Weezer Cruise in the Bahamas… he’s started actual RIOTS with the music he’s made…  Sanny has seized every opportunity to throw himself into the spirit of Rock with raw passion …and believe it or not, he’s still just getting warmed up.

There is no life to be lived without rocking your truth at maximum volume.

After keeping the enthusiasm up online during the pandemic era, crushing Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and the Ultimate Guitar phone app with cover songs & guitar solo videos, he built his loyal following stronger than ever before – all highly anticipating his next moves. With his debut single “The Human Race Ain’t Worth Saving”, Sanny is officially starting the next stunning chapter of his music career as a solo artist, exploding out of the gate with amped-up Alt-Rock vibes designed to shake the walls wherever you are.

Working through the obstacles of isolation via Zoom – “The Human Race Ain’t Worth Saving” is entirely self-produced from Sanny’s home studio in Melbourne and features the righteous talents of Nate Barnes (Drums), Sean Hurley (Bass), and Grammy/Academy Award-winning mixing engineer Brendan Dekora all of whom he connected with online via the SoundBetter.com website.

Resulting in a grippingly soulful & melodic Alt-Rock that flexes truly hybrid vibes, Sanny surged back to where he belongs, loaded up with supercharged, single-worthy sound booming from the speakers – “The Human Race Ain’t Worth Saving” is by no means any ordinary debut. Through undeniably brilliant hooks, classically sarcastic Punk attitude, and his own signature blend of character, charm, and charisma – Sanny Veloo sounds inspired like never before, and ready to conquer the world. With his scorching hot guitars, his freakishly fabulous falsetto, his savage lyrical wit & true grit – Sanny’s going all-in & ready to rock this planet like it deserves.

Join him for the official release of “The Human Race Ain’t Worth Saving” as it gets released onto every major music platform online on 24 July 2021, including the viral video supporting the single on YouTube. Using social-media platforms & technology to his advantage, Sanny’s X-factor talent seamlessly transitions from the speakers to the screens & proves his experience immersed in the underground music-scene has built him into a verifiable sonic force to be reckoned with. Sanny is currently unsigned.


  • Sanny at sanny.veloo [at] gmail.com
  • DM @sannyveloo on Instagram