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Sanny performing a sold out show at the House Of Blues in Los Angeles, USA.

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I'm always happy to make a new friend, play guitar on a song or collab with ya! Please drop me a DM.

Found this at the post office today and now chilling on my couch engrossed in this nostalgic rock’n’roll page turner of a magazine! What are some of your fav @kissonline songs? At the moment mine are Black Diamond, Hard Luck Woman, Forever (Alive III version) and after watching the Matrix I’m digging God Gave Rock’N’Roll. My fav KISS songs change all the time like the weather in Melborune! What an incredible band! 

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Hotel California Guitar Solo. One of the greatest guitar solos ever written in rock music! Hotel California. Anyone wanna do the harmony bit with me? :)

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Check out my Foo Fighters Bootleg DVD of their performance at a private Sydney Harbour show! You can’t even find this on YouTube! This is made more valueable by the fact that the pirate put the wrong band on the cover! Truly one of a kind! Also my buddy  @dannyleodays  who is one of the best drummers I know, can be spotted in the audience! How he found his way into this show is an Australian folklore! What’s the rarest DVD in your collection? 

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It pains me to say this but my Melbourne Guitar Hero Jesse Valach @jkvalach is in hospital after suffering from a stroke. Jesse has been a huge inspiration to me and is by far the BEST guitarist I have ever seen in Melbourne and my favourite Melbourne guitarist.

He’s plays with so much heart, soul and melody and it blows my mind how every time he improvises a guitar solo, it sounds absolutely incredible. He just flows with music… And he sings with so much soul too! He’s like BB King meets Stevie Wonder with Islander vibes thrown in and he has a phenomenal backing as well.

I remember this one time some band invited him onstage to jam a song, and he busted out a guitar solo that blew the entire bands’ set to bits and when he stepped off everyone at the gig was like, who the hell was that?! And since that day every time I see him, I’m always asking him to give me guitar lessons and I’ve been annoying him about it ever since. 

He’s won numerous blues guitar competitions, played almost everywhere multiple times, performed at blues festivals and even toured USA!  And get this… he does all of this while also being a semi-professional wrestler, a truck driver and a father of three with warmth and a huge smile ALL of the time!

But right now, because he is in hospital and can’t work, he and his family needs some financial support while he recovers. So if you have the means, please support his GoFund Me campaign. Any donation will go a long way. The LINK IS IN MY BIO.

My thoughts, prayers and light are with Jesse! Get well soon Sir!

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Live interview and performance. Behind the scenes live interview and performance on the YouTube Live show Bucket List Bands! You can watch the full interview on YouTube - LINK IN BIO
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I'm doing a LIVE interview and acoustic performance on YouTube TODAY at 4pm (Australian Eastern Time) and 2pm Singapore Time! Please tune in and hang out with me and Wayne Cheong from The Bucket List Podcast! LINK IN BIO 

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Can you spot any mobile phones and guess the number of smiley faces? 🤩🤘🏽 

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Happy Sunday Everyone!

I decided to take a day off everything, including music! The last three months have been some of most intense periods I’ve experienced in years and I was pushed to my limit and beyond.

I’ve had to juggle work demands, keep my morning physical training workouts, stick to a nutrition plan, finalise the mix and mastering of my single, shoot a music video, get all the promotional stuff ready for launching my single, launch my single, make tons of phonecalls and emails and DM to radio, Spotify playlist curators and blog writers and not be deflated by rejections, setup, run and optimise my Instagram ads, design my artwork for the single, design cool merchandise that people would buy, setup a global drop shipping network and build my own website including an online store. But all is that shit is finally DONE!

While it would have definitely made the entire process easier, better and much more manageable with an experienced team around me, I know in time as I continue to grow, the right people will come. I have this feeling that the universe preparing me for big things ahead and I’m really pumped about my next single release already!

Thank you everyone who has been supporting me and sharing my music and big shout out to the 7 people who bought my merchandise the moment I announced the opening of my store! I am so blessed and grateful to be able to make rock music and share this with you. It is truly my truth, my passion and my joy!

Today I’m gonna just rest and recalibrate and just do nothing at all. Do you have any good movies to recommend? 

Hope ya having a restful Sunday as well!


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